ANDO™ | Chainwinder

ANDO™ | Chainwinder

Manual Chainwinder

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • ANDO™ manual chain winders come in a large range of standard and special powder coat finishes.
  • The corrosion resisting stainless steel chain and Polesium™ winder base protect not only the winder but also the window sash and sill. If a winder should corrode the window will almost certainly be damaged.
  • Chain winder can be key locked. 
  • Chain winder available control knob can be folded down.
  • The length of the chain can be reduced on heavy sashes. This reduces the chance of damaging the projecting chain under high wind loads when sash is in the open position.
  • Winder fixed to reinforced (thickened) sections on sash and frame to ensure fixing screws don't come loose.
  • Winder designed to suit flyscreening.

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    • Locking

      Chain winder is supplied with key locking as standard. The winder handle can be folded down out of the way.

    • Finishing

      Winders are available in a range of standard and special powder coat colours to match most window frame colours.
    • Strength

      Sashes are reinforced through the sash and frame winder fixing locations. This ensures these fixings don't come loose.
    • Durability

      The main feature with our chain winder is the stainless steel chain. This ensures that the winder continues to work year after year.
    • Corrosion Resistant

      Our winders also have a corrosion resisting Polesium™ base.

      Corrosion Resistant

    AWS product options designed compatible with Manual Chainwinder.