Architectural Series | Series 650

Architectural Series | Series 650

Architectural Hinged Door

Architectural Hinged Door
Maximum Panel Height* 3000mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1000mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 28mm
SHGC Range 0.26 - 0.6
Uw Range 4.3 - 6
Acoustics Testing Certified AS2047 Testing Certified BAL40 Testing Certified

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact AWS Technical Support for more information, e-mail

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • Entry door hinged door framing system designed to accept heavy duty 50mm thick commercial swing doors.
  • 50mm wide door options including fully beaded. These heavy duty 50mm thick commercial hinged doors are ideal for oversize door panels.
  • Series 52 swing doors will accept 24mm thick insulating glass.
  • Three midrail sizes to choose from (50, 115 and 125mm deep).
  • Two door thresholds cover both internal and external swing hinged doors.
  • Sub-sills available for high performance installations.
  • Snap-fit nailing fin adapter for brick veneer and cavity brick installations.
  • The Series 650 hinged door will accept awning and casement sashes.
  • Recessed clean fixed sidelights and highlights pocket glazed similar to commercial framing.

Resources & Downloads


    • Door Stop

      Unique double sided door stops allow for easy fitting of security door frame.
      Door Stop
    • Sill Type

      Externally opening door sill.

      Sill Type
    • Door Stiles

      Dedicated french door meeting stiles an option.
      Door Stiles
    • Sub-Framing

      Designed to accept sub-sill and sub-framing as required.
    • Speciality

      Unique self-draining sills.


    AWS hardware options designed for use with Series 650 Architectural Hinged Door.


    AWS systems designed to share similar aesthetic and performance qualities to Series 650.


    AWS systems which offer a similiar function to Series 650 but differ in aesthetics and performance.