Commercial Series | Series 52

Commercial Series | Series 52

Commercial Door (Double Side Beaded)

Commercial Door (Double Side Beaded)
Maximum Panel Height* 3000mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1000mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 28mm
SHGC Range 0.14 - 0.54
Uw Range 3.1 - 4
BAL40 Testing Certified

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact AWS Technical Support for more information, e-mail

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • Series 52 doors are 50mm thick for added strength.
  • Can be configured as hinged, sliding or pivot door.
  • Series 52 doors have removable snap-on glazing beads on horizontals and verticals (both sides).
  • Stile to rail joint is securely fixed with custom spigot assembly.
  • Spigots are secured to rails with 10# spline screws.
  • Glass can be blocked and fitted with adjustable setting block.
  • Series 52 doors will accept glass up to 24mm thick.
  • When configured as sliding panels, heavy duty bottom rolling running gear or alternative Centor E3 top-hung rollers deliver smooth reliable operation.
  • Horizontal rails can be fitted with square or splayed glazing beads.
  • 19mm high glazing beads ensure that the glass gets the right bite.
  • Can be security glazed with captive external glazing wedge.
  • Four midrail options 50mm and 115mm deep with single external bead. Plus 125mm and 200mm midrails with four glazing beads.
  • Lock stile wide enough to accept most lock types.
  • Rebated French meeting stiles.
  • Can be fitted with Centor S1E Eco Screen

NOTE: BAL-40 rating applies to hinged configuration only.

Resources & Downloads


    • Beads

      Variety of beads available for single glazed and double glazed applications.
    • Spigots

      Heavy duty spigots for strength and durability.
    • Stiles

      True french meeting stile option available.
    • Action

      Doors can be hinged or pivoted as shown.
    • Sills

      Variety of thresholds and full sub-framing available.
    • Threshold

      Unique open-in threshold with self-draining feature.

    AWS hardware options designed for use with Series 52 Commercial Door (Double Side Beaded).


    AWS complementary product options designed for use with Series 52 Commercial Door (Double Side Beaded).


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