MIRO™ | Bi-fold Operator

MIRO™ | Bi-fold Operator

Bi-fold Operator

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • This swivel bi-fold operator throws locking bolts into the frame at top and bottom of the panel. Optional key-locking (separately installed) is available.
  • Having an operator handle located centrally on say a bi-fold door removes the need to bend down or stretch to reach flush bolts that might be located at the ends of the stiles.
  • The MIRO™ handle is curved with no visible fasteners when handle is in closed position.
  • Furniture available in a large range of powder coat finishes to match the door panel colour.
  • Matching hinged door lever furniture.

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    • Finishing

      MIRO™ bi-fold operator can be supplied non-key locking. The furniture is available in a range of standard or special colours.

    • Locking

      MIRO™ bi-fold operator can also be supplied in a key locking format.

    • Adjustable Keepers

      On Series 410 Bi-fold doors the keeper in head and sill is adjustable. This allows the panels to be tightened on the frame.
      Adjustable Keepers
    • Support

      Bolt tips are supported by extruded aluminium guides. Ensures the bolts fall in the right location and can withstand high wind loads.

    • Strength

      Elevate™ commercial strength bi-fold doors are assembled with heavy duty extruded aluminium spigots and backing plates.

    AWS product options designed compatible with Bi-fold Operator.