MIRO™ | Casement Latch

MIRO™ | Casement Latch

Casement Latch

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • The MIRO™ Casement Latch is designed to suit residential, architectural and Elevate™ commercial awning and casement windows.
  • This fastener is curved similar to a gum leaf.
  • Available in a range of standard or special powder coat finishes.
  • The retention wedge folds up to cam lever when opened. This is a significant feature in that there is no fixed keeper on the frame.
  • Matching hinged door lever furniture.

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    • Casement Compatible

      MIRO™ cam latch can be fitted to awning and casement sashes. The latch is available left or right hand.

      Casement Compatible
    • Smooth Operation

      As the MIRO™ lever is operated the nylon retention folds up and allows the sash to swing open.

      Smooth Operation
    • Custom Sub-sill

      Elevate™ Commercial awning windows are fitted into custom sub-sill. This sub-sill is designed to go into residential installations.
      Custom Sub-sill
    • Strength

      We offer a range of heavy duty sashes that can be fabricated in large sizes and are supported on heavy duty four bar friction stays.
    • Heavy Duty

      Elevate™ Commercial casements are supported on heavy duty four bar stainless steel stays.
      Heavy Duty
    • Waterproof

      Elevate™ awning and casement sashes are fabricated with heay duty nylon corner stakes. These keep the joints tight and waterproof.

    AWS product options designed compatible with Casement Latch.