Commercial Framing | Series 105

Office Partitioning System

Office Partitioning System
Maximum Panel Height* Various
Maximum Panel Width* Various
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 12.50mm
Acoustics Testing Certified

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact AWS Technical Support for more information, e-mail

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • Series 105 Partition framing system has been designed to be single or double glazed. 
  • The wide glazing pocket (16.50mm) will accept glass up to 12.50mm thick with 8mm bite.
  • The 105mm wide frame will give us about 44mm gap between glass, varies slightly depending on the glass thickness.
  • Three glazing bead options: 90 degree square bead, 45 degree splayed bead, 25 degree splayed bead.
  • The splayed beads shed dust- ideal for the projects where dust collection platforms are a problem.
  • The silica gel crystals are fitted under the snap-on cover. This cover is designed to be removed in the future when crystals need to be replaced.
  • Slim, wide or shadow line perimeter frame options. 
  • Hinge doors can be swung off mullions.
  • Not designed for external weather resisting applications.

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