Truth™ | Awning Window Winder

Truth™ | Awning Window Winder

Innovative awning window winder

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • Truth™ awning winders can be used to operate large awning windows.
  • Key lockable option available
  • Scissor type winders used in conjunction with stile latches to secure sash.
  • Provides for maximum opening (approx 370mm) combined with wide “pullin” connection to sash.
  • 33% less effort to operate than previous Truth operators and 50% less than conventional chain winders.
  • Operates sash sizes from 550mm to 1200mm wide and 2100mm high.
  • Sash weights up to 85kg when used with Truth Awning Stays.
  • Fully operable with fly screens.
  • Stainless steel components are available for coastal applications.
  • Covered by Truth’s Lifetime Warranty.

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    AWS product options designed compatible with Truth™ Awning Winder.