Windows and doors are an important element of your home

Windows and doors are an important element of your home. Ensuring you have the best possible glazing solution for your home is critical to the comfort and livability for your home and can affect the way in which you utilize your home living spaces. Most Vantage aluminium window or aluminium door fabricators have a showroom showcasing a wide range of Vantage aluminium window or aluminium door systems. Vantage fabricators are happy to assist you to make the correct window and door selections for your home and will work closely with your builder or designer. Engaging a Vantage fabricator early in the process, before designs are finalised is important as often fabricators can provide new ideas or alternative suggestions regarding aluminium windows and aluminium doors to maximize functionality, performance and lifestyle. Visit your fabricator early to achieve the best outcome for your home.


When working with a builder to build a new home your builder may have existing relationship with window or door suppliers. It is important to make sure you understand what windows and doors will be used in your project. To ensure you are happy with the windows and doors you are paying for as part of your build we recommend:

  1. Visiting the showroom of your builders window supplier so you can see touch and experience the aluminium windows or aluminium doors you will be purchasing
  2. Asking questions about, quality, compliance and glass selection

In some instances you may find aluminium windows or aluminium doors which you believe will be ideal for your home from a window or door supplier your builder hasn’t previously dealt with. If this is the case talk to your builder, understand what rights you have make changes under your building contract and encourage your builder to talk to the alternate supplier you have found so he or she can understand the technical details of the products you have selected. Ultimately it is your home, you need to ensure you are happy with products which will be used in it. Windows and doors are a defining feature in a  home and have the potential to impact upon your comfort and lifestyle so a confident selection is critical.


Often there are parts of our homes we would like to improve. Windows and doors may be replaced within a home to provide improved thermal performance, noise reduction, aesthetic qualities, bushfire ratings or lifestyle benefits.

Many Vantage aluminium window and aluminium door fabricators can provide supply and install options taking care of window replacement for you. To contact a Vantage fabricator visit the Your Local Fabricator page.

It is important to visit a Vantage showroom and check out the options for your renovation project, working with a qualified window consultant will ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

Alternatively your builder may handle the removal and replacement of windows or doors. If this is the case it is important you involve your builder early in the process, have them make measurements and liaise with your preferred window fabricator to ensure all technical details are correct.

Once the aluminium windows are supplied it will be up to your builder to ensure correct installation and finishing of the opening.