Give your new home the ComfortEDGE™.

Double glazed windows for style, comfort and affordability.

Building your dream home?

There are so many things to think about and options to choose from.

It can be very overwhelming!

You’re prioritising what you absolutely must have, like insulation and double glazing, and what would be ‘nice to have’, like travertine marble in the bathroom or a walk-in pantry.

You’ve got big plans for your new home, but you might not have the big budget to match. How do you decide?

It’s important to think about how products and design make your home feel? Secondary to that is how it will look.

The reasoning is that, in ten years’ time, you’re not likely to meddle with the structure or foundation of your home. On the other hand, you might want to update your bathroom and kitchen – and there goes the lovely, expensive travertine…

ComfortEDGE™ windows provide:

Incredible insulation with
U values as low as 2.3

Less frame and more glass
improve your outlook

Better energy efficiency

Higher home value

Lower energy bills

Give your home the ComfortEDGE™!

Our environment and living conditions have changed a lot over the last 50 years. Australian homes, once described as glorified tents*, are no longer acceptable.

Standard aluminium windows haven’t changed since the 1950s. They’re simply not suitable for today’s environment.

You don’t want your home to feel like a hot-box in summer or freezing cold in winter.

ComfortEDGE™ is beautiful AND practical.

ComfortEDGE™ double glazed windows are revolutionary in performance, styling and affordability.

Using patented technology, the frame is embedded into the structure/building envelope. This increases its strength and durability, making it ideal for our Australian environment.

Physically tested to ensure outstanding thermal performance and comfort, ComfortEDGE™ double glazed windows will change your home from ordinary to extraordinary.


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ComfortEDGE double glazed windows are manufactured by Vantage® Suppliers.

Why use a Vantage® supplier?

Vantage® window and door suppliers are privately owned small businesses that take immense pride in their work. They’re highly trained professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. And they offer personalised service and expert advice.

On top of all this, Vantage® products are designed, tested and manufactured in Australia to meet and exceed Australian building standards. So, you know you’re buying quality.

All Vantage® window suppliers are backed by Architectural Window Systems (AWS).

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