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Apartment Sliding Door

Commercial Series | Series 471

Apartment Sliding Door

Apartments call for a very specific kind of high-performance door. Water resistance, comfort and energy compliance are all considerations of design. Meet the Elevate™ Series 471 Apartment Sliding Door.

  • These doors are tested to a water resistance of 600pa, making them perfect for projects that require very high water resistance.
  • They also meet Australian air-conditioning standards, deliver superior energy performance and comfort, and can be fitted with surface or mortice deadlocks for a sleek, refined finish.
  • Want to keep out the creepy crawlies? No problem! These windows easily accept a sliding fly screen on the inside.
  • Available in a large variety of sliding door combinations, these doors are perfect when matched with the Series 461 sliding window.
*Maximum Frame Height and Panel Widths indicated are interdependent and subject to individual site conditions.
Maximum Frame Height* 2630mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1470mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 20mm
SHGC Range 0.29 - 0.55
Uw Range 4 - 6

AWS complementary product options designed for use with Apartment Sliding Door.

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