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Industry partnerships offer businesses invaluable support in their daily work lives. Representing building designers across Australia, the Building Designers Association of Australia (BDAA), is the industry’s leading not-for-profit. Together with AWS, it aims to help its members to create a better-built community for all. AWS recently renewed its partnership with the BDAA, ramping up commitment and becoming a Major Partner.

A partnership built on shared priorities

Farzan Naghshineh, an AWS Architectural Specification Representative, says, “We have a really good history of working with the BDAA. What AWS and the BDAA share is a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, so we’re all on the same page when it comes to helping building designers find and use quality windows and doors that meet these criteria.”

Keeping up with fast-changing rules and regulations

A challenge for building designers’ is keeping up with new standards and requirements, especially when they’re so busy with their core business. “Our role at AWS is to support the BDAA to get information to building designers around new products that meet evolving standards. We also take the time to clearly communicate how they can integrate these into other systems. It’s about finding the mid-point between cost-effectiveness and quality.”

Chris Knierim, CEO of BDAA, agrees. “The challenges in the industry are often the differing regulations across all states and territories throughout Australia, such as bushfire and heritage regulations. AWS is able to assist our members to provide window and door specifications to their clients that are perfectly suited to the project and compliant with standards.”

You can’t beat great communication

Chris adds, “AWS has been an industry partner with the BDAA for over 15 years. They provide great customer support to our BDAA members through direct contact with their specification reps and immediate assistance on all projects.”

Farzan, too, believes the key to a successful project outcome is all about communication and continuing professional development.

AWS and the BDAA look forward to helping building designers to achieve great results for years to come.

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