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What happens when a window fabricator is designing and building their new home? They specify Architectural Window Systems, of course! And given that this home is nestled in the bayside Melbourne suburb of Beaumaris – an area known for its beautiful coastline, cliffs and native bushland – it’s not hard to see why its owner wanted to design a building that embraced the glorious local surrounds.

Right from the outset the owner wanted to design and build a stunning home with a luxury resort feel – somewhere that was perfect for entertaining. He also wanted to explore the amazing potential of beautiful windows and doors by creating a series of transparent planes that almost cocoon the home and perfectly mirror the pool that is a centrepiece of this four-bedroom, family dwelling.

Large expanses of glass are also a feature of the upstairs, and overlook the downstairs barbecue area, complete with pizza oven.

The generous sweeps of open glass lend a true feeling of connection between the dwelling’s interior and the exterior of the home. They also maximise the views and make the most of the area’s natural light.

Meanwhile, the smooth and effortless way in which the 2.9m sliding door suite operates, combined with flush sills and ICON hardware throughout, immediately give the home an exceptional designer feel.

Products chosen from the AWS range of windows and doors include Series 704 Slidemaster™ Sliding Door at the rear downstairs and Series 616 MAGNUM™ Awning and Casement Windows.

The overall result is a statement home that is not only a showcase of great design, but is also a testament to the owner’s genuine passion for the products with which he works every day.

The generous sweeps of open glass lend a true feeling of connection between the dwelling's interior and the exterior of the home



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