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ClearVENT™ Sashless Double-Hung Window

Architectural Series | Series 464

ClearVENT™ Sashless Double-Hung Window

Say goodbye to horizontal rails that get in between you and the great outdoors!
These ClearVENT™ sashless double hung windows let you achieve floor to ceiling views while maintaining a fully operable double hung window for maximum ventilation.

  • As one sash is lifted, the other lowers through a counter pulley, making it so easy to use.
  • Top ventilation is achieved with a fixed sill glass panel where a safety barrier may be required at height.
  • Compatible with Series 50 or 51 hinged and bi-fold doors, this product is perfect in large projects or where heavy glass panes are required.
  • Sashes can be fitted with key or non-key locking shoot bolts to suit your security requirements and personal taste. They’re also compatible with external flyscreens to keep away the creepy crawlies.
*Maximum Frame Height and Panel Widths indicated are interdependent and subject to individual site conditions.
Maximum Frame Height* 1526mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1210mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 6.38mm

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