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Commercial Sliding Window

Commercial Series | Series 452

Commercial Sliding Window

This amazing sliding window is a revolution in elevated window design. Improved strength, security and ease of use give you the ultimate flexibility in design. 

  • The 17mm-thick sliding window sashes deliver better strength and comfort than standard window sashes, plus it incorporates a unique two-piece sash, making it easy to install on both the inside or outside – great when it comes to replacing or reglazing!
  • Available in a large variety of sliding window combinations, with and without highlights/lowlights.
  • Flyscreens can also be fitted to the frame without the need for unsightly rivets, metal clips or turnbuckles.
  • Choose from a variety of latches and locks to suit your styling or security requirements. For more ventilation, you can even lock your sliding window in a partly open position.
*Maximum Frame Height and Panel Widths indicated are interdependent and subject to individual site conditions.
Maximum Frame Height* 1500mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1050mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 20mm
SHGC Range 0.21 - 0.66
Uw Range 3.9 - 6.7

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