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Next generation integrated aluminium threshold drained

FlowTHRU Pro™ Drain

Next generation integrated aluminium threshold drained

Introducing the FlowTHRU Pro™, a revolutionary, integrated drain solution that redefines threshold drainage for 2 and 3 Track Elevate™ Sliding Door Systems. Designed to simplify installation and enhance aesthetics, the FlowTHRU Pro™ offers a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces without compromising safety or convenience.

With its single level set down feature, the FlowTHRU Pro™ reduces installation time and allows flush installations into suspended slabs or multistory applications where slab thickness is limited. Say goodbye to elevated thresholds that create trip hazards or disrupt the flow of your space. Our flush sill design ensures that both internal and external floor surfaces align perfectly, creating a sleek and uninterrupted finish.

Customise your FlowTHRU Pro™ with three grate options to suit your project needs. Choose from Aluminium, Stainless Steel, or a Custom Tile insert to complement your existing flooring. Our Stainless Steel grate option even features an anti-slip surface, meeting the AS 4586 standards for slip resistance.

Whether you're looking to match your project's aesthetic or enhance its functionality, the FlowTHRU Pro™ offers a range of options. The Aluminium grate is available in various powder coat colours and clear anodised finishes, allowing you to colour match your project with ease.

Ideal for multi-storey or suspended slab residential projects where a shallow rebate is required, the FlowTHRU Pro™ is the perfect solution for modern living. Experience the future of threshold drainage with FlowTHRU Pro™.

Compatible with:

  • Series 704 SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door 
  • Series 704B SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door
  • Series 704FTH SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door 
  • Series 704FBR SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door 
  • Series 704T SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door 
  • Series 704LS SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door 
  • Series 704R SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door 

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