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Why Choose Elevate™ Louvre Windows

Natural Ventilation with Superior Strength

Elevate™ LouvreMASTER™ sun control shutters are designed with added strength to deliver maximum ventilation in even high wind environments. Correctly positioned, louvre windows can create passive breezeways, minimising requirements for air-conditioning or heating.

Customise For Local Environments

The LouvreMASTER™ sun control shutter offers flexibility in design with your choice of fixed or moveable shutters on hinged, sliding or bi-fold doors to maximise ventilation.

Satisfying Symmetrical Design

LouvreMASTER™ sun control shutters operate in unison across the entire panel and can be fixed open or closed when required.

Privacy and Comfort

Create your own inner sanctum with LouvreMASTER™ sun control shutters. Louvre shutters provide effective ventilation and visual barriers for superior comfort.

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