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Wide Pocket Front Glazed 150mm Framing

Commercial Framing | Series 622

Wide Pocket Front Glazed 150mm Framing

Elevate™ Series 622 150 x 60mm Wide Pocket FrontGLAZE™ shopfront framing system designed to accept thick glass with 20.50mm wide by 32mm deep glazing pocket.

  • Internal or external glazing, fixed, doors or awning sashes.
  • Heavy duty tubular interlocking mullion option suitable for tall frames (4000mm max.) without transoms.
  • Matching heavy duty 50mm thick door that will also accept thick glass using snap on glazing beads. The deep (19mm) braced beads are designed to support thick glass while giving the appropriate glass cover.
  • We have custom frame sections to accept hook hinge awning sashes. These sashes (internal or externally glazed) will also accept thick glass. Sashes designed to resist extremely high wind loads.
  • Custom adaptor for COC transom that accepts the same bead as externally beaded sill and gives the 20.50mm wide glazing pocket.
  • Braced fixed framing bead designed to stay in place under high negative wind loads. 
  • High water resistance can be achieved using the appropriate mullion combinations. Water resistance 600Pa internally or externally glazed.
  • Two fully beaded door midrail sizes to choose from (125 and 200mm deep) that will give the 20.50mm wide glazing pocket.


*Maximum Frame Height and Panel Widths indicated are interdependent and subject to individual site conditions.
Maximum Frame Height* 4000mm
Maximum Panel Width* various
SHGC Range 0.31 - 0.74
Uw Range 2.4 - 6.3

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