AWS Ventient Integrated Trickle Vent

AWS Ventient Integrated Trickle Vent Integrated Trickle Ventilation for Health, Efficiency and Comfort

As building standards improve and our focus on airtightness increases we can no longer rely on air-leakage as a mechanism for ventilation within the building envelope. 

Operable windows can provide fresh air and natural ventilation, however studies have shown they are rarely used to maximise natural ventilation. Reliance on HVAC systems for airflow has become common place and poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a growing concern for architects and building occupants. 

Ventilation has been proven to acheive positive impacts on the health and productivity of building occupants. Air change rates are an important consideration in building design and mechanisms to allow ventilation are essential.

The AWS Ventient™ solution incorporates state of the art trickle ventilation technology into Australia’s leading range of residential and commercial windows and doors. A seamless solution to maximise health, efficiency and comfort in the building envelope.

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