AWS Ventient™ Trickle Vent

AWS Ventient™ Trickle VentIntegrated Trickle Ventilation Solution

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • Temperature sensing flow control - Utilising a patented shape memory alloy spring system the AWS Ventient™ system automatically adjusts the size of the ventilation inlet as ambient temperature changes. Two models available suitable for use in cool to moderate or tropical climates.
  • Insect, rodent and ember screens - AWS Ventient™ systems incorporate a screen to guard against insects, rodents and embers. The non-combustible mesh has a maximum aperture of 2mm to comply with bushfire codes. Screen can be removed for clearning & maintenance
  • Intumescent fire barrier - For further protection against fire intumescent seals can be specified which expand to fill the opening when extreme high temperatures are reached as experienced in a fire.
  • Air filter - Dust and pollen filters are fitted to the interior side of the vent to reduce up to 68% of typical airborne dust. Filter can be removed for cleaning & maintenance.
  • Integrated system - The AWS Ventient™ system is integrated into the window or door system which means no additional penetrations in the building envelope are required to install the system.
  • Manual Override - The system can be manually closed by occupants if necessary.
  • Sound absorption - Recognising that outside air also carries noise AWS Ventient™ systems can be specified with a proprietary SoundOUT™ diffuser fitted with sound wafers to trap and diffuse sound without obstructing airflow.

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