Thermally broken window and door systems for improved energy efficiency

Released in 2008 as part of Vantage’s high performance Designer Series, this innovative product range is ideal for those jobs where minimising cold and heat transfer is a priority. Its release coincides with new Government requirements on energy efficiency in homes and growing awareness regarding energy consumption within the broader community.

When combined with double-glazing, the Designer Series Thermal Heart™ windows and doors meet contemporary aspirations for energy conservation and comfortable interior temperatures. In terms of thermal efficiency, this new product range rates 32% better than standard double glazed windows and doors.

Thermal Heart™ products include a glass fibre-reinforced nylon insulator or thermal break between the aluminium exterior and interior elements. This break minimizes heat transfer between the interior and exterior elements. The extra insulation provided by Thermal Heart™ technology allows designers additional flexibility when achieving Building Code compliance with houses that incorporate large areas of glazing.

A comprehensive suite of Designer Series Thermal Heart™ products is offered – awning, casement, and bi-fold windows, hinged and bi-fold doors. Designer Series Thermal Heart™ not only offers excellent suitability for thermal performance but is capable of impressive product sizes allowing the large heights and spans sought by many designers and homeowners to be achieved (doors are suitable to heights of 2.7m).

An added benefit of this range is that the unique thermal insulator jointing method allows a different choice of colour to complement both internal and external colour palettes resulting in one colour on the outside and another on the inside.

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