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ClearVENT™ Sashless Double Hung Window

Designer Series | Series 614

ClearVENT™ Sashless Double Hung Window

Want uninterrupted views that stretch forever? The innovative Vantage® ClearVENT™ Sashless double hung window is for you!

  • Stunning aluminium sash rail.
  • Two panes of glass slide silently past one another within aluminium guides which fit neatly into the perimeter frame.
  • Can be used in bi-fold and sliding door panels.
  • A great way to get more natural ventilation without having to open an entire door panel.
  • Comes with a key lock as standard.
  • Can easily be fitted with a flyscreen.





Maximum Panel Height* 1010mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1210mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 6mm

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