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ComfortEDGE™ Awning Window

ComfortEDGE Series | Series 755

ComfortEDGE™ Awning Window

The ComfortEDGE™ Awning Window from the Vantage® Series delivers a highly energy efficient window using embedded technology. This significantly minimises exposed aluminium and drastically reduces heat transfer in and out of the building.

Ideal for residential applications using standard aluminium framing.

Excellent weather performance (600pa) makes it suitable for use in exposed locations throughout Australia.
Patented technology using a fully embedded frame.
Excellent energy performance.
Incredible insulation of your home.
Single and double reveal options.
Framing accepts up to 20mm Insulated Glazing Units.
Revolutionary in performance, styling and affordability.

*Maximum Frame Height and Panel Widths indicated are interdependent and subject to individual site conditions.
Maximum Frame Height* Various
Maximum Panel Width* Various
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 20mm
SHGC Range 0.224 - 0.572
Uw Range 1.9 - 3.22

Vantage Residential handles and locks which suit the ComfortEDGE™ Awning Window.

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