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Integrated Stainless Steel Threshold Drain

FlowTHRU™ Drain

Integrated Stainless Steel Threshold Drain

Looking for a seamless transition between your living and outdoor spaces? Consider a sliding or bi fold door with a flush sill and integrated FlowTHRU™ threshold drain for a truly sophisticated and seamless solution.  

A flush sill threshold allows internal and external floor surfaces to have the same finish level with no elevated threshold to create a trip hazard or interrupt the space. Visually a flush sill threshold allows internal and external living spaces to transition seamlessly and creates a great sense of space

Drainage is critical element with this type of installation, as the water performance of sliding, hinged and bi-fold door systems is impacted when a flush sill is used. The FlowTHRU™ integrated threshold drainage solution addresses these issues allowing the doors to drain into a recessed stainless steel trough and catering for water runoff from the door panels. This ensures there is no water seepage around the sill and minimises the risk of internal floor surfaces becoming wet, protecting carpet, timber and other internal floor finishes.

FlowTHRU™ incorporates a stainless steel grate featuring an Anti-Slip surface and has been tested to ensure performance in even the harshest of environments, Infact it is the only fully tested integrated threshold drainage solution for Vantage® door systems.

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