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The 755 ComfortEDGE™ Sliding Window

You’ve been scouring the Internet, researching everything you need to create your dream home.

Vision boards, Pinterest boards – you know exactly how you want your home to look and feel.

It’s your sanctuary away from the world.

You know a core element in creating your dream home is in the insulation.

Wall, floor and ceiling insulation is common these days. However, window and door insulation is a lot less common and definitely worth considering. 

Windows and doors can let in up to 87% of heat during summer and let out up to 40% of heat during winter. Insulating your windows and doors is the last piece of the puzzle. This ensures your building envelope is completely insulated with no weak spots.

So how do you insulate your windows?

ComfortEDGE™ is your first step towards insulating your windows and ensuring your dream home is:

  • Thermally comfortable
  • Light and bright
  • More energy efficient

ComfortEDGE™ is unlike anything currently on the market. 

Due to its unique and patented design, it minimises heat transfer coming in and out of your home, making it more comfortable all year round. It’s what we call a high performing window, due to it’s ability to insulate your home!

All about your view

ComfortEDGE™ combines minimalism and style. Using patented technology, the frame is embedded creating the illusion of space and a seamless connection between the outdoors and in. A stunning and modern aesthetic. 

Ticks all the boxes

It’s stylish, high performing, allowing you to meet or exceed energy performance requirements and is extremely affordable. What makes it more affordable is our patented design and technology.

ComfortEDGE™ revolutionary in performance, styling and affordability!


Design integrity and reliability 

ComfortEDGE™ is a highly energy efficient window complimented by a minimalist style aesthetic.

By embedding the structural aluminium window into the surrounding timber frame, the thermal performance of the window is greatly improved while offering increased strength and improved durability.

Our ComfortEDGE™ windows have undergone physical testing to ensure we can stand behind the thermal performance numbers for these products. We know they are going to work the way we say they will because we’ve tested them. 

Knowing the data and performance is consistent for ComfortEDGE™, gives you peace of mind that the home you build will perform the way it’s supposed to.

All testing performed in National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) accredited laboratories.

For improved results

With a 75mm frame, ComfortEDGE™ can accept double glazed units (insulated glass units/IGU’s). Combining ComfortEDGE™ with double glazing will improve comfort and energy efficiency even more. 

Changing the world one window at a time

AWS takes pride in innovation and forward thinking. If you have the budget and are looking for even greater insulation improvements to your home check out our ThermalHEART™ range. Designed in 2005, ThermalHEART is a thermally broken frame. This uses a polyamide strip which is a glass reinforced nylon to reduce heat transfer through the aluminium frame. This provides the ultimate in thermal comfort and energy efficiency. 

Want more information? Check out our brochure or look at the ComfortEDGE™ Sliding Window and ComfortEDGE™ Awning Window pages.

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