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Great news for building designers, with the renewal of a sponsorship deal between AWS and Design Matters National (DMN) – a partnership that has already spanned more than 15 years. Together, we’re determined to ensure building designers, architects and building professionals have access to detailed information about the windows and doors they use, so they can bring their vision to life.

DMN proudly represents the most building designers and thermal performance assessors in Australia. With more than 2,500 members, they are 100 per cent focussed on helping industry professionals to build a better future.

Over the years, AWS has sponsored many DMN events, like the annual Building Design Awards and the inaugural 2020 InspoExpo. DMN’s National Events Manager, Elaine Centeno, says, “DMN’s partnership with AWS is important for several key reasons. First, AWS is the leading Australian window and door brand in Australia and provides DMN members with regular new-product updates – just what they need for their award-winning designs. And second, AWS has been around since 1995 and this type of longevity is testament to not just the strength of its products but also its excellent customer service – particularly that provided by Alastair Baldwin.”

Up-to-date information is key to success

According to Elaine, many builders, building designers and architects can find it challenging to stay up to date with the latest innovations in the market, like windows, insulation, cladding or any material they regularly specify in the course of their work. “They’re absolutely flat-out with work right now which is great,” she says, “however, having a chance to come up for air at the networking events with AWS and get a quick download on new products is very much welcomed!”

Building valuable connections

“AWS also provides DMN Members with amazing face-to-face networking opportunities so they can stay connected with each other and meet new industry colleagues,” says Elaine.

“Alastair always goes out of his way to get to know DMN Members and their needs. He keeps it real, makes it personal, and puts in the time to build relationships. He clearly has stamina and spirit as well as a great sense of humour, which brightens your day when you’re snowed under (and probably locked down) during a building boom.”

Right people, right products, right place

Alastair Baldwin insists he’s just doing what he loves. “At AWS, we take real pride in helping building designers and to select the right products for the specific projects they’re designing. It’s all in the detail, like how the windows and doors will interact with the building structure, and designing components that are the right fit but also factor in consideration for cost, bushfires, energy, acoustics – you name it. It’s all about solving an intricate puzzle to bring the architects’ and designers’ vision to life.”

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