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Why Choose Vantage® Louvre Windows

Maximise Natural Ventilation

Vantage® LouvreMASTER™ Louvre windows deliver maximum ventilation for your home. Correctly positioned, louvre windows can create passive breezeways, minimising requirements for air-conditioning or heating.

Seamless Compatibility

The LouvreMASTER™ window system can be coupled to windows and doors within the Vantage® Designer Series range, offering great flexibility in design.

Available With Screens

Vantage® LouvreMASTER™ windows can be screened easily and neatly, no need to worry about bugs or creepy crawlies just be sure to select a 102mm blade option.

Hard To Reach Places

Considering Vantage® LouvreMASTER™ louvre windows for stairwells, lofted ceilings or over sliding door? we have a range of options to make opening your louvre windows hassle free, choose from extension operators or electric options.

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