Certified Product List - Residential

2024 WERS Certified Products Directory - AFRC

Architectural Window Systems

Window ID Frame Glazing Cooling Stars Heating Stars Cool% Heat% U w SHGC w T w Air Inf


  1. These results are not for public reference can only be used by financial WERS members only.
  2. The use of these results requires manufacture validation through the AWA Accreditation Scheme.
  3. Uw is the whole window U-value
  4. SHGCw is the whole window solar heat gain coefficient
  5. Tvw is the whole window visible (light) transmittance
  6. Percentage improvement figures are compared with using base-case Generic Window 1 (3mm clear in standard aluminium frame)
  7. A negative percentage improvement figure indicates performance worse than the base-case window
  8. A positive percentage improvement figure indicates performance better than the base-case window
  9. Maximum air infiltration is 5.0L/s.m2 at a positive pressure difference of 75 Pa as measured according to AS 2047
  10. Static performance (Uw SHGCw Tvw Tdw) calculated using Window 7.4 and Therm 7.4 software (LBNL), 1999-2016
  11. Annual energy performance (stars and % improvements) calculated using Nationwide House Energy Rating Software (AccuRate) according to procedures of WERS 2008.
  12. Results disclosed at Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC) regulations.
  13. Products performance is based on products excluding reveals unless “with In-Line Reveal” is included in the product description.
  14. Results marked as “with In-Line Reveal” can only be (claimed/used/certified/used for marketing and compliance) when designed, tested, sold, installed and warranted with the reveal in situ. Products that do not include the reveal must revert to the performance excluding the in-line reveal. Please contact the window manufacturer or WERS for further details.
  15. Products with description such as "Embedded Frame" or "Embedded Sill" are modelled as per the embedment technique that is labelled in the frame description. Results (claimed/used/certified/used for marketing and compliance) must be of the same embedment technique as description and cannot be used in lieu of any other frame within same product suite. Please contact window manufacturer or WERS for further details.