Architectural Series | Series 464

Architectural Series | Series 464

ClearVENT™ Sashless Double-Hung Window

ClearVENT™ Sashless Double-Hung Window
Maximum Panel Height* 1526mm
Maximum Panel Width* 1210mm
Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 6.38mm
AS2047 Testing Certified

* Subject to individual site conditions and wind loads. Contact AWS Technical Support for more information, e-mail

Key Features / Performance Characteristics

  • ClearVENT™ sashless double hung windows offer clear unobstructed vision as there are no horizontal central sash rails. As one sash is lifted the other lowers (the sashes are joined via cords and pulleys).
  • Sashes can be secured with key or non-key locking shoot bolt.
  • A fixed sill glass panel can be fitted into the ClearVENT™ sashless double hung window window to make it easy to get top ventilation only. This fixed sill panel could also be used on tall windows in elevated installations as a safety barrier (check the requirements of local authorities).
  • ClearVENT™ sashless windows can be fitted with external flyscreens, special extrusions have been cut to make sure this detail matches the overall window design, no turn buckles required.
  • Sashes are counterweighted by the adjoining sash via stainless steel/nylon pulleys and cords.
  • ClearVENT™ vertical sliding sashes can also be installed into Series 50 or 51 hinged and Bi-fold doors.

Resources & Downloads


    • Configuration

      Various configurations to suit your requirements.
    • Screening

      Integrated screening option available.
    • Jamb

      Different jamb and mullion options available.
    • Nailing Fin

      Most AWS Commercial products can incorporate nailing fins for residential construction.
      Nailing Fin
    • Locking

      Key lock standard on ClearVENT™ windows.
    • Hardware

      Concealed heavy duty pulley mechanism for smooth operation.

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