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“Winston Churchill famously said once that we shape our buildings, thereafter our buildings shape us. He was talking about the houses of Parliament and democracy, but the same thing is true, I think, of architecture generally and very much of educational architecture in particular. If you’ve got light and bright and welcoming spaces, then students are going to enjoy coming to school!” 
Alan Hayes, Partner and Director at HHH Architects

Nearly 4 million students and 288,294 teachers spend 200 days in school per year.*

Designing healthy learning environments is critical for promoting successful educational outcomes.

Choosing the right window and door solution plays a significant role in achieving this outcome.

There are 6 Core Elements which are directly
impacted by the right window and door selection in your next project.
→ Natural Light
→ Comfort
→ Noise
→ Ventilation
→ Accessibility
→ Durability

For more information, download the AWS Education Portfolio: Designing for enriched educational experiences.

* Excludes tertiary education. Source: Schools, 2020 | Australian Bureau of Statistics

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