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Art is often viewed objectively and its perceived quality, determined by an individual interpretation. Aluminium joinery and those who interact with it experience a similar judgement.

The Grafton Regional Gallery completed a refurbished and extension in late 2020, to give the community a cultural experience in the regional city. 

Big River Glass were commissioned to provide windows and doors which provided clear and uninhibited access to this new public facility while maintaining natural light and a complimentry aesthetic to the surrounding gallery.

Elevate™ Commercial Series 400 framing was used  throughout the exterior of the project to deliver large, floor to ceiling glazing solutions throughout the gallery and its perimeter facade. 

Elevate™ 50 Series Commercial Doors were selected  and fitted with automatic openers to provide uninhibited access to and from the gallery. 

The Automatic 50 Series Doors were complemented with printed glass panels featuring local artistic designs which also serve as the visual manifestations required for operable glass panels.

Elevate™ Commercial Hinge Doors also featured these outstanding printed designs which varied across each panel in the building. 

Some of the challenges associated with the build included the angular fixed light panels in the large stair wells. Achieving the perfect rake in line with the staircase across multiple mullions was easy with the help of the precision CNC machine in the Big River Glass factory. 

This precision device ensures clean and accurate tooling no matter how tricky the project. To achieve thermal compliance on the western facade, aluminium shutters were specified by the achitect allowing internal joinery to be perfectly colour matched for a consistent, contemporary finish. 

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