Architecturally inspired systems for superior style and performance


Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have earned a reputation as the most versatile and practical door type. The Elevate range of commercial aluminium sliding and stacking doors includes a selection of top-hung and bottom rolling systems, corner sliding doors, dedicated flush sills, and European inspired site lines.

Bi-fold Doors

The Elevate™ range of Bi-fold door systems incorporate top-hung and bottom rolling bi-fold door systems along with thermally broken bi-fold doors for the maximum in efficiency and comfort. Ideal for use on commercial and residential applications bi-fold doors offer great flexibility in connecting internal and external environments.

Hinged Doors

Commercial aluminium hinged, French and entry doors are ideal for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. Based on a strong door platform our hinged door suites deliver durability and style even in high traffic applications.

Pivot Doors

Bold aluminium pivot doors make a truly impressive architectural statement and are an ideal choice for high end architectural homes or commercial building projects. Incorporating strong Elevate commercial door panels for durability and style.


Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are an excellent window choice, offering maximum ventilation and the opportunity to maximise views. Our commercial sliding windows incorporate clean bold frames for maximum spans and true Architectural style.

Double Hung Windows

A traditional favourite our commercial Double hung window systems are sharp, clean and bold, ideal for use in Architecturally designed homes or as a practical addition to commercial and industrial buildings delivering excellent ventilation.

Awning / Casement Windows

Awning windows and casement windows are a very popular window choice, and for good reason. Awning windows push out effortlessly from the bottom and give ventilation with a measure of protection from unexpected passing showers. Casement windows provide extensive ventilation.

Louvre Windows

Designed for incorporation into fixed or moving sliding, bi-fold and hinged Elevate window and door systems our adjustable aluminium sun control shutters are ideal for privacy and ventilation

Framing Systems

CentreGLAZE™ Framing

Elevate™ CentreGLAZE™ framing offers a balanced aesthetic, with glass positioned in the centre of the frame. Designed for use in both residential and commercial applications, CentreGLAZE™ framing is compatible with a wide range of window and door systems.

FrontGLAZE™ Framing

Elevate Commercial FrontGLAZE™ framing systems offer a clean external finish. Glass is positioned very close to the external face with minimal external frame projection. Splayed external ledges and glazing beads shed dust and water from the framing whilst offering excellent water and weather resistance.

FaceLINE™ Framing

The Elevate™ Commercial FaceLINE™ framing system has been designed to highlight and complement the clean-lined façades that are a favourite within the commercial design community. FaceLINE™ framing enables glass to be positioned very close to the external face of the frame.

Curtain Wall

Thermally broken and thermally improved curtain wall systems



Developed to complement the modern design and clean lines of the Architectural Series, the ANDO™ range brings a fresh and sleek look to residential or commercial windows and doors.


The ICON™ hardware range is a fully integrated range of 316-grade stainless steel hardware for aluminium windows and doors offering superior weathering performance.


MIRO™ Hardware offers a stunning blend of contemporary design, function and durability incorporating comfortable ergonomics and beautiful aesthetics to provide ease of use across all ages. 



A compact and stylish scissor winder used in conjunction with jamb to stile latches Truth™ hardware is ideal for large awning and casement windows.


FlowTHRU™ Drainage

The FlowTHRU™ threshold drain system is compatible with a range of Vantage®, Elevate™ and ThermalHEART® single and multi-panel door systems up to 15m in length and suitable for use in residential or commercial applications. 

AWS Trickle Vent

The AWS Trickle Vent solution incorporates state of the art trickle ventilation technology into Australia’s leading range of residential and commercial windows and doors.

Centor™ Screening

The Centor Screen is a world-first retractable insect screen for openings as wide as 9.18m and can be installed with a wide range of AWS door systems as part of a seamless screening solution.

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