Australia's Leading Range of Thermally Broken Aluminium Windows and Doors


ThermalHEART is the technology that lies at the core of a new thermally efficient range of commercial aluminium window and door systems developed by AWS. ThermalHEART window and door systems are thermally broken to deliver improved energy efficiency for commercial buildings. In fact, ThermalHEART commercial windows and doors are up to 51% more thermally efficient than standard non-thermally broken aluminum commercial framing.

Maximise comfort

Comfort is closely tied to the concept of happiness. Our sensory responses to elements like temperature and light let us know if we are comfortable, and this affects our happiness.

Energy efficient

ThermalHEART™ window and door systems provide an energy efficient alternative to traditional non-thermally broken aluminium windows and doors to help you maximise efficiency and comfort within your project.

Section J solutions

Got a Section J migraine? Here’s your pain relief. Over the past five years, government requirements on energy efficiency in commercial buildings have become ever more stringent.


Design flexibility

ThermalHEART™ gives architects and designers the flexibility to create beautiful, functional spaces which achieve compliance, deliver energy efficiency and ensure comfort for occupants.

Fully Tested

ThermalHEART™ thermally broken aluminium window and door systems are Australian designed and fully tested to meet and exceed Australian building standards.

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