Australia's Leading Range of Thermally Broken Aluminium Windows and Doors

Why Choose ICON Window & Door Hardware

Stylish and Square

Looking for window and door handles that are right on trend? Look no further, the ICON™ hardware range incorporated squared off styling to deliver a truly contemporary statement for your home.

Durable, Beautiful Stainless Steel

The ICON™ range is only available in 316 grade stainless steel. Timeless and classic, stainless steel is also an excellent choice for exposed and high traffic applications.

Family Styling

The ICON™ range incorporates a wide selection of handles and locks for windows and doors allowing you flexibility in selecting the ideal solution for your application and ensuring a consistent look throughout your home.


Without a doubt the most popular handle within our offering lives within the ICON range, the ICON D-pull makes a bold visual statement, provides a sure grip and offers outstanding durability - a Vantage all time classic.

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