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Australia has seen an increased demand for Aged Care Facilities due to the rise in our ageing population nationwide. 

Aged Care Facilities are built to meet stringent requirements, and to ensure comfortable living spaces for all variations of retired living. It is important to condifer functional and operational building needs as there are a number of concers which need to be addressed in designing specialist buildings for the care and accommodation of the elderly community. 

It is important to maintain thorough structural approach to the design process of aged care living projects. At AWS we are focused on ensuring you can meet functional and operational design requirements.

There are a number of concerns which need to be addressed when designing aged care facility buildings.

1.     Maintenance and longevity 

2.     Operational force

3.     Flyscreens

4.     Dexterity limited hardware

5.     Continuous accessible paths of travel

6.     Energy ratings

7.     Acoustics ratings

8.     Bushfire ratings 

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