Architecturally inspired systems for superior style and performance

CentreGLAZE™ Framing

Elevate™ CentreGLAZE™ framing offers a balanced aesthetic, with glass positioned in the centre of the frame. Designed for use in both residential and commercial applications, CentreGLAZE™ framing is compatible with a wide range of window and door systems.

FrontGLAZE™ Framing

Elevate Commercial FrontGLAZE™ framing systems offer a clean external finish. Glass is positioned very close to the external face with minimal external frame projection. Splayed external ledges and glazing beads shed dust and water from the framing whilst offering excellent water and weather resistance.

FaceLINE™ Framing

The Elevate™ Commercial FaceLINE™ framing system has been designed to highlight and complement the clean-lined façades that are a favourite within the commercial design community. FaceLINE™ framing enables glass to be positioned very close to the external face of the frame.

Curtain Wall

Thermally broken and thermally improved curtain wall systems

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