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Located in Lilli Pilli, with a picturesque view of the Port Hacking river stands a home meticulously crafted around the owner’s vision. The goal? To create a home that seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces while ensuring excellent cross ventilation.

The design aims to create a beach-style ambiance throughout the home. Collaboration with Orion Aluminium Windows was crucial to address the challenge of large spans and heights in the openings. The focus was on minimising thermal heat loss and achieving a clean, sturdy window and door framing system.

The Series 704 SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door is situated on the western facade of the house, offering a beautiful view of the river. When fully opened, this Series 704 door converges at a single corner, allowing the refreshing river breeze to flow inside, making it an ideal source of ventilation during the summertime.

The Series 424 Double Glazed CentreGLAZE™ feature enables extensive use of windows and doors throughout the residence, enabling the homeowners to fully embrace both the sunrise and sunset. The morning sunrise over the city is captured on the eastern side of the house, while the western side offers a view of the sunset over the bushland and river.

“The acoustic and temperature control achieved with the AWS system exceeded even high expectations. Despite being exposed to strong winds, the home remained remarkably quiet when closed up, delivering a superior living experience.” – Corey Budd.

Featured products: Series 704 SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door, Series 704B SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door, Series 52 Commercial Door, Series 466 Architectural Awning/Casement Window, Series 462 Architectural Sliding Window, Series 424 Double Glazed CentreGLAZE, Series 626 Double Glazed FrontGLAZE™.

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