Innovative systems designed for Australian conditions and tested to exceed Australian Standards

Architectural Window Systems (AWS) has been at the forefront of aluminium window and door design for over 15 years. Through a process of almost constant evolution the Vantage Aluminium Joinery and Elevate™ Aluminium Systems brands have maintained an unsurpassed reputation for design and performance excellence. These names represent dedication to precision, flexibility in design and unrivalled technical support.


All Vantage and Elevate™ aluminium window and door systems are designed locally for Australian conditions by AWS. The hallmark of these brands has been a constant drive to refine, improve and modernise its aluminium profiles to enhance good looks, performance and manufacturability. This dedication to making the best aluminium windows and doors has won Vantage and Elevate™ a loyal and growing following among architects, builders, homeowners and specifiers.


The AWS aluminium window and door testing laboratory is fully accredited and has one of the largest pressure booths in the industry. Weather conditions can be simulated through manipulation of air and water spray flow, and remote monitoring of air leakage and deflection of windows and doors is also possible. This laboratory ensures that Vantage and Elevate™ aluminium window and door systems can be tested and researched to ensure compliance with building codes and relevant industry standards.


Vantage and Elevate™ aluminium windows and doors are proudly designed and extruded in Australia by AWS. In conjunction, the AWS technical staff has in excess of 120 years of experience in the aluminium window and door industry. In addition to developing some of the most innovative aluminium joinery products in Australia, AWS technical services staff maintains a level of support to fabricators unrivalled in the aluminium window and door industry.