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You’re in luck! We have created a door, taking inspiration from high end European designs and manufactured right here in Australia.

We call it our SlideMASTER™ Sliding Door – Flush Bottom Rolling. It can be configured as single and double sliding panels, bi-parting doors and corner sliding doors.

As homeowners we have a growing desire for a connection to the outdoors, and this door is perfect for opening up from the living space to an entertaining area.

This door is beautiful. It’s energy-efficient, provides uninterrupted views, meets all relevant compliance demands, and is more than a match for our harsh climate.

The head, sill and jambs are fully concealed in the building envelope to deliver uninterrupted, clear, glass sightlines around the entire frame and outstanding energy efficiency.

Have head, sill and jambs got you confused? The head is the aluminium up the top, the jamb is the aluminium on the sides and the sill is the aluminium on the bottom that gets recessed into the floor. Having these components all recessed ensures you only see glass, have uninterrupted views and no trip hazard! Winner!

These doors can be made BIG. They can be made up to 3300mm high and 2500mm wide.

This product is compatible with the Centor flyscreen and the AWS FlowTHRU™ drain, which means minimal decision-making when choosing this door. The only hard decision is choosing a colour – dark and bold, light and classic, or something completely different and bright. But that’s a whole other topic!


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