Contemporary Aluminium Windows and Doors for your lifestyle

The Vantage Aluminium Joinery range of bi-fold windows and doors are some of the most popular and versatile windows and doors under the Vantage brand. The Vantage range of custom-made bi-fold windows and doors are known for their smooth, reliable operation, superb design and durability.

Bi-fold windows and doors are the perfect solution when an open living space is required. Bi-fold windows and doors enable a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. By pushing the entire bi-fold window and door to one side, full advantage of the space can be made to deliver an expansive feeling to your home.

Vantage residential bi-fold windows are popular due to their high quality, reliable mounted roller system which ensures long-term smooth operation. The heavy duty rollers in the bi-fold windows guarantee optimum performance and support.

The Vantage ranges of bi-fold doors have a bottom mounted roller system for smooth, reliable performance. The heavy duty rollers ensure optimum performance and support guaranteeing easy operation of heavy doors.

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