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Our range of aluminium windows and doors have a variety of SoundOUT™ windows and doors that provide noise reduction solutions for your home.

Many people aren’t aware that sound reduction is able to be achieved with opening windows and doors, however, we have created a foolproof solution to minimise sound infiltration into your home. The most effective results for noise reduction are achieved with secondary glazing. Essentially, our SoundOUT™ system works as a secondary window behind the front primary window.

The noise reducing SoundOUT™ system is able to be used in both residential and light commercial applications. The SoundOUT™ systems have been designed to go behind existing windows where noise is a problem. To increase the efficiency of the SoundOUT™ systems, an air space of 75mm to 100mm between the inner and outer glass panels is preferred. All SoundOUT™ panels slide to allow cleaning of the inner face of the outer window or door.

Our range of sound reducing windows and doors can be fitted with locks for maximum security. This product also has the added benefit of creating a thermally broken double glazed door that will significantly reduce heating and cooling costs in your home.

The products have been tested at the National Acoustic Laboratories. For further details please refer to the product information sheets.

If you have a noise issue, we have the aluminium windows and aluminium doors to solve your problem.


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