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Nestled on the picturesque coastline of Bulli, this exceptional residence is a masterpiece of design, offering the best of both worlds. The homeowner’s vision was clear: a discreet façade, while capturing breathtaking ocean views from every other angle. The result? A light-filled, peaceful, and airy contemporary single story family home that maximises those coveted south-facing views.

The challenge was to seamlessly blend outdoor spaces with indoor living, ensuring every room is graced with the awe-inspiring sight of the ocean.

As you step into the living areas, you’ll be greeted by an uninterrupted panoramic view of the ocean, connecting you to the beauty of the outside world. It’s a sanctuary for any family, a place where tranquility meets contemporary elegance.

The Series 462 Architectural Sliding Window was a pivotal element in achieving the desired level of clarity for the non-Eastern side of the house, while welcoming the gentle caress of a summer breeze into your living space.

Equally impressive, the Series 618 MAGNUM™ Sliding Door is strategically placed throughout the home, seamlessly connecting it to the courtyard and the waterside at the rear. Designed to withstand high winds and heavy rainfall, the Series 618 enables the home to be opened on sunny days and provides a protective shield against inclement weather as required.

This House by the Ocean is a celebration of architecture and nature, where windows and doors frame the coastal masterpiece outside.

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