Contemporary Aluminium Windows and Doors for your lifestyle

Windows and doors are an important part of livable housing design as they are key elements in achieving easy, comfortable and safe access to homes.

The benefits of implementing the Livable Housing Design elements specific to windows and doors are:

• Wider doors will make it easier to enter and exit the home for people with mobility devices such as wheelchairs and walking frames

• Easy lock mechanisms, electronic window winders and lever door handles will not cause strain or tension on the occupants’ hands. During the construction stage, it is wise to incorporate these features as it saves the occupant from later replacing them

• Windows that open on the inside make cleaning easier for the elderly as it saves them from hazardous activity

These benefits have a positive impact on the occupant as they make them comfortable knowing that their changing needs overtime will be accounted for. Pre-planning these design features, even if they are not necessarily needed now, assure that when you have elderly or disabled visitors your home is designed for their needs. Also, these design features assure cost savings for later in life.




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