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Framed against the expansive blue sky, warm, honeyed timbers, pearlescent steel and sweeping expanses of glass are the hallmarks of this gorgeous home, located in small-town Longford, Victoria.

The new 433-square-metre home is a testament to the client’s ambition to capture the glorious light of the world-renowned Gippsland region in which it sits.

Large, fixed windows and doors ensure natural light fills the home all year-round. The aim was to marry function and form while keeping to a tight budget. A huge variety of window and door frames were central to the intricately designed home.

Both the architect and builder had enjoyed exceptional outcomes using the AWS range of products. As a result, the team at LEGG Windows & Doors was approached to offer their expertise and professional opinion.

To ensure the best outcomes, the clients and building/design teams worked closely with Legg, directly from the fabricator’s showroom. The plans were examined in minute detail during the design stage, and the AWS Series 517 and 516 chosen to deliver a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic while masking much of the frame.

Given the extremes of temperature in the region, the home includes the perfect balance of double-glazing and carefully place single-glazed LowE windows – ensuring the occupants enjoy comfort all year round.

The massive entrance to the building required the bold Series 549 Hinged Entry Door, while the Series 618 sliding door was chosen to reflect the expansiveness of the design and connect the home’s occupants to the great outdoors.

The clients were delighted with the results, and are now surrounded by light and beauty, inside and out.

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