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A prefabricated home which has an 8 star thermal rating

Ashley Beaumont


This compact modular home was prefabricated in a factory and designed to complement its surroundings and suit the site in Wonthaggi Victoria. Even though the home is prefabricated, it is very modern and built to an extremely high standard.

Designed as a ‘one bedroom weekender’ home with an 8 star thermal rating, this home pushes the boundaries of sustainability. Building designer Ashley Beaumont made sure sustainability and thermal efficiency were at the forefront of the project’s build.

From the very beginning the project was environmentally conscious. Prefabrication in a controlled factory environment means there is less site and noise disturbances. Also, the prefabrication process reduces construction wastage by up to 52 per cent.

There is no MDF in the joinery, low chemical paints were used, and solar hot water systems and solar panel unit systems were implemented. Windows and doors are double glazed to maximise thermal efficiency and contribute to the 8 star thermal rating.

Cross flow ventilation is an important design feature when building a home. It involves replacing warm air with cooler air via a path so that cool air can push warm air out. Because of this, Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings ensured that there was enough cross flow ventilation throughout the home.

The MAGNUM™ Series 618 Sliding Door was used to connect the indoors to the outside deck. When opened, both areas are connected by the pop of colour that features both inside and outside, yellow.

Custom made Series 504 Sliding Windows were used numerous times for the project. This product ensures natural light and ventilation in the home, a particularly important design feature.

The outside design of the home consists of light wood and bright white features. The black windows and doors make a statement – a nice contrast to the lightness of the rest of the external appearance.

A prefabricated home which has an 8 star thermal rating

Ashley Beaumont


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