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Located near South Golden Beach, the architectural brief for this project was to design a contemporary, yet cost-effective home that is well connected to nature. It was to feature subtropical open-plan living in

a temperate climate. The owners wanted the home to integrate with the environment whilst still making an architectural statement.

The highly desired relaxed and comfortable beachside living is supported by a sense of openness in the house but at the same time a feeling of privacy and protection.

A minimalist palette of finishes and colours create a very calming and welcoming atmosphere, precisely what the owners wanted to achieve.

Vantage®, the AWS residential brand, was chosen for this project due to its elegant and sleek joinery and also the renowned quality of the products. The hardware available to complement this range includes

slimline handles which make them ideal for architectural projects.

There was a door opening 3.8m wide by 2.7m high for a sliding door but the clients did not have the budget for a commercial door. Series 542 DStacker™ sliding door can accommodate a sliding door of that size which is both cost-effective and robust. Series 542 was used throughout the home because it suited the budget and lifestyle requirements of the owners.

Refresh* Design were able to explore the unconventional concept of a cantilevered structure, with both ends overhanging and counterbalancing each other. This was needed due to the restraints of a

small site area and restrictions due to flood risk.

Window Makers were able to successfully educate all parties on the products that would be best suited to this project including the importance of natural light and ventilation.

An award winning home that integrates with the environment whilst still making an architectural statement



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