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Making it into the finals of anything – be it sport, art or, in this case, exceptional architecture — is a big deal. When it happens, it’s hard not to want to shout it from the rooftops. And why stop yourself!? This gorgeous waterfront property in Oatley in Sydney’s south has scored a guernsey in the NSW HIA-CSR Awards. Why? Well, it’s partly the materials, partly clever thinking, and partly the successful collaboration between the architect, client and builder, SE Martin.

SE Martin is an award-winning, family-run building company with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry. And their experience is exactly what this challenging project called for – from the renovation and reconfiguration of the two existing floors, to a third-floor extension and two new balconies from which to admire the property’s beautiful bushland and water views.

Using a neutral colour palette, natural materials, like sandstone and timber, and clear anodised finishes on the windows and doors, the home perfectly blends with its surroundings.

To frame the stunning views, the builder recommended EXPO Aluminium, a window-and-door fabricator with which they have a ten-year working relationship. The result was easy access to great advice and a quality, Australian-made product that perfectly suits the complex industrial window configuration.

So determined were the builders and architect to open the space up as much as possible, that some glass spans were engineered up to a whopping seven metres. To further ensure uninterrupted views, frameless glass was grouted into the balcony, and a clever corner glass window was installed.

The project took a year to complete and, following its success in the NSW HIA-CSR Awards, is now one of many projects on which the architect, builder and fabricator are collaborating.


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