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The Sunshine Coast is surrounded by some of the most glorious vistas that Mother Nature can offer. So when the owners of a humble beach shack in Beachmere, just 40 minutes north of Brisbane, decided to reinvent the home into a luxurious, two-story dwelling with sensational ocean views, they put their love for the local environment at its very core.

The project was initiated by Sovereign Homes in 2010, a company with an absolute commitment to cutting-edge, sustainable design and construction, using only the most environmentally friendly products on the market – and always with an eye to cost-effectiveness and quality. 

Given the local climate, the home presented the perfect opportunity to make the most of natural light, and harness the heating power of the sun. The correct choice of windows and glass was imperative, which is why Sovereign Homes turned to local manufacturer Bretts Architectural Window Solutions. The AWS range of high performance windows are purpose-built with sustainability in mind, using the latest techniques and to improve energy efficiency without compromising on aesthetic quality.

Airflow was also a key consideration, Bretts Architectural Window Solutions recommended the innovative utilisation of Vantage 525 Series Louvres and ThermalHEART™ Awning Windows. The use of these systems contributed to a reduction in the need for expensive air-conditioning.

 The choice of the Vantage and ThermalHEART™ ranges and other energy efficient suppliers, has meant the home is now able to produce more energy than it actually requires. The excess renewable energy will be returned to the power grid. 

In addition to sourcing the most suitable products and suppliers, the Sovereign Homes team automated the home’s security, lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling, water supply, appliances, doors, fans and blinds. This means that all non-essential services are able to be shut down when the home is unoccupied.

The home makes the most of natural light and harnesses the heating power of the sun



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