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Drenched in blue sea and sky, and perched on the edge of paradise, this stunning Hunters Hill home appears to float on water.

Inside, the building is a showcase for clean white lines and modern finishes, but the pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the property’s spectacular expanses of glass that open it up to Sydney’s most celebrated aspect – the world-renowned Sydney Harbour.

There were a number of important considerations influencing this dramatic renovation project. First, the property’s south-facing aspect meant products and systems selected for the exterior of the home would be subjected to the harshest of weather conditions. Next was the owners’ desire to maintain seamless accessibility between the exterior and interior environments – a desire which called for recessed door sills and tracks. Finally, close proximity to the harbour demanded careful consideration regarding corrosion resistance.

Architect Braddon Patterson, and builder, I-Bld, put their heads together to ensure the property realised its full potential and the renovation addressed the owners’ concerns.

Partnering with Kev's Window And Door Solutions, an experienced supplier of Vantage windows and doors, the designers were able to select high-quality, high-performance window and door systems to enhance the project’s outcome.

Vantage MAGNUM™ Series 618 Stacking doors were selected to replace the rotting, damaged timber and inadequate portals that were crying out to be removed. The Series 618 Stacking doors provided an ideal solution to the buffeting that the south-facing property often receives, while the MAGNUM™ 618 Slider window systems will handle whatever wind or water Mother Nature can throw at them while maintaining a sensational modern aesthetic. In addition, the MAGNUM™ 618 Slider system was installed with a recessed sill to ensure a heightened sense of accessibility and flow between the home’s interior and the outside world.

Given the harsh weather exposure and the owners’ preference for a recessed sill detail, drainage away from the doors and living environments became an important and necessary consideration. StormTech drainage systems were specified, offering a sleek and functional solution. The stainless steel drainage tray complements the MAGNUM™ recessed sill and delivers a corrosion-resistant, high-performance answer to managing water egress.

Other products from the Vantage Designer Series range were used throughout the home to maintain its cutting edge. Series 614 ClearVENT™ Sashless Double Hung windows provide excellent ventilation without compromising the spectacular harbour views. Series 616 Series Awning windows and Elevate™ Aluminium Systems framing are also used extensively thoughout the project. Kev's Window And Door Solutions carried out all their own site work to guarantee the quality workmanship and installation the owners required.

The owners are delighted with the result, and particularly love the doors. When closed, they not only open up onto one of the world’s most beautiful vistas, but the house is also very quiet and well-sealed – creating a haven of peace and tranquility, far removed from the pressures of the day.

Drenched in blue sea and sky, and perched on the edge of paradise, this stunning Hunters Hill home appears to float on water



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