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Take one slightly worse-for-wear beachfront home, mix with a dash of great design, a healthy pinch of vision, and prime positioning on a 5.8 kilometre stretch of pristine, white sand, and it’s amazing what wonders can unfold. This stunning, architecturally inspired residence is unrecognisable as the humble abode it once was. Taking full advantage of breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and a dramatic coastline, the home is designed with its immediate environment firmly in mind, and a brief to maximise the outlook and provide a seamlessly integrated indoor/outdoor living space.

Ensconced in natural beauty, the home is located in Port Fairy, a little slice of paradise on the Victorian coastline. When designers, Dean Picken Design from nearby Warrnambool, were called in to handle the project, the team faced a number of environmental challenges. Very high exposure to the elements, especially the corrosive salty air and extreme winds, were two of the most important considerations. Portland Aluminium and Glass, a leading manufacturer of contemporary architectural window and door systems run by Gavin and Doreen Symes, was asked to advise on the best glass, frame design and style options to suit the client’s needs and budget.

The client took a very hands-on approach to product decisions and visited the Portland Aluminium and Glass showroom on numerous occasions. After considerable research, it was decided the project would most benefit from the flexibility, options, and exceptional weather and strength performance offered by the custom-made Vantage Window System. Given the intricacies of modern window technology, another reason for choosing the Vantage system included the local customer service provided by Portland Aluminium and Glass.

To make the most of the abundant light and create a feeling of continuity between the external environment and the home’s interior, the owners decided on the Vantage Series 616 Awning Window, Vantage 516 Residential Awning Window and Elevate™ Series 704 SlideMASTER™ sliding doors. The use of SlideMaster sliding doors has the twofold benefit of maximising the size of the opening and allowing better air flow through the home.

The owners were very impressed with the quality and service afforded by Portland Aluminium and Glass, saying, “We have now lived in the house for 16 months and have found the windows and doors to suit our needs perfectly, as well as adding to the look and useability of the house.” “As the windows were installed and fitted, we had great cooperation from Gavin and the team and we have also been extremely happy with follow-up service and support from Portland Aluminium and Glass. We endorse the Vantage Windows System, and the service and support from Portland Aluminium and Glass has been faultless.” The completed project is a inspiring home which utlisises a variety of aluminium window and door combinations from the Vantage Aluminium Joinery range to maximise the clients beach front view.

We have now lived in the house for 16 months and have found the windows and doors to suit our needs perfectly

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Home owner

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