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This spectacular home, perched on a steep escarpment near the township of Berry, takes its inspiration from the mountainous terrain by which it is surrounded.

Energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and view maximisation were high priorities for the project, and it certainly delivers the ‘wow’ factor. Christened ‘Karinya’ the dramatic escarpment that enfolds this residential property presented a number of challenges for Colin Irwin of BHI Architects, and builder, Jamie Strong of Strongbuild.

The home is constructed on a strong wall, fashioned like wings, that forms its spine. This allowed the rooms to be staggered vertically, maximising the sunlight, breeze and views. “I wanted to give the appearance of the building being launched off the steep hillside, like an eagle about to take flight,” says Colin Irwin.

“The eagle theme carries through with the lightweight, corrugated steel roof, the line of which is upturned to echo the eagle taking flight.”

Glass has been used extensively throughout the project. Fabricator, Hanlon Windows, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality aluminium windows and doors, recommended the Vantage range of products. The Vantage products have a very high wind and water rating, which was ideal considering the property’s exposed location.

Strong and durable Vantage Series 525 Louvre Windows were installed across most of the home to allow fresh air to flow throughout, to reduce the need to consume electricity through unsustainable heating and cooling methods, and to give the owner complete control over the sun in the building’s heavily-glassed areas. The combination of Viridian Comfort Plus glass and Vantage products met both the owner’s and BASIX’ environmental criteria in a cost-efficient and pleasingly aesthetic manner.

With its own underground water tanks - a grey water system which collects, treats and pumps water back to the home for reuse in the toilets and laundry - this house takes sustainability to the next level. To further boost its energy-efficiency rating, allowances were also made for the addition of solar panels.

Large Vantage Series 542 D-Stacking doors were used to maximise the magnificent aspect of the mountains and enhance the inside entertaining environment. Other Vantage products used included Series 548 Hinged Doors. According to the owner, “Our new home is exactly what we were hoping for. It combines all the elements that are important to us. The architects careful use of the large glass sliding doors and louvre windows gives the building a very open feel, effectively bringing the outside surroundings into every room and a creating a lovely airy environment. Energy efficiency was a high priority for us and I feel that the use of Low E glass has created a very comfortable internal living space without compromising on the views.”

I wanted to give the appearance of the building being launched off the steep hillside, like an eagle about to take flight

Colin Irwin


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